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Maximize Output Quality

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The cost of a bit, tap, insert, or blade pales in comparison to the lost income from a machine out of operation due to a broken consumable part. With our regular tooling & supply service, you don't only have access to leading quality brands to shop consumables trough, but regular visits from our tooling experts that keep you stocked up on these parts through both physical and automated methods.

Carbide Inserts

Carbide inserts, used for faster & higher quality machining of steel, carbon, high-temperature alloys, and other metals, come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes and grades, and are indexable. Using quality providers like Tungaloy, we keep you stocked with reliable inserts designed specifically for your machining needs. We can provide these on an order-to-order basis, or outfit your shop with an automated solution so you never go without.


Stay Stocked With Vending & Automation

Remove the headache of constantly keeping your shop stocked with end mills, taps, bits, and other consumables. We offer automated vending machines and storage lockers installed onsite for your employees to access when they need a replacement, and we maintain the inventory. All vends are tracked and accounted for, resulting in a single invoice per month. This cuts down on purchasing workload while optimizing your tooling budget.


End Mills & Taps

Whether you're cutting shapes or wholes into a piece of metal, or cutting into existing threads to expand them, we have the tools you need. With access to end mills and drill taps of virtually endless shapes, sizes and specifications from top shelf suppliers like Fullerton and YG - many of which are available on our shelves for rush deliveries - we can outfit your mill to perform whatever task you need it to with clean and precise milling, holemaking, turning, or threading.

Band Saw Blades

Cutting metal is tough work, and certain materials can wear down band saw blades rather quickly - especially if the blade quality is low. With reliable and reputable manufacturers like Starrett and Amada stocking our shelves, the lifespan of your band saw blades is maximized and quality of cut is unrivaled. With a dedicated sales rep at your fingertips any time you need it, you have access to these blades without any limitations.


Need Some Bits or Blades?

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