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A CTIS Valued Customer

Welding Outlets, Inc.

Welding Outlets, Inc. (WOI) has been a staple of the manufacturing business in Houston for decades, providing branch connections in over 40 grades of steel. Their products serve more industries than you can count, including oil & gas, power, transportation, maritime, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and HVAC. They provide 24/7 emergency service for their customers, which means they have needs arise at abnormal times. CTIS is the perfect tooling partner for them, as they've come to expect their phone calls to be answered, no matter the time, and their tools onsite faster than any other service around.

Custom Service & Support

WOI doesn't only utilize CTIS for its supply and inventory needs. They rely on us for valuable insight into specific project that arise, where we can sit down with them, look at their blueprints, understand what they're trying to achieve in their process, and recommend a set of tools that will not only get the job done, but maximize efficiency and return on the project. Sometimes, that requires a tool or set of tools that don't exist or need custom specifications. Using our vast network of manufacturers, both local and abroad, we can get the tool designed, fabricated, and delivered with unrivaled urgency.

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