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Endless Tooling Expertise.
Elevated Shop Effectiveness.

A tooling supplier eliminates your need to physically buy tools. At CTIS, we do more than that. Through years of experience working with industrial operations across the Houston area, and constant communication and understanding of your production process, our priority is to take the burden of maintaining your instrument supply off of you completely. Our tooling partnership enables you and your employees to come to work, perform their duties, and have what it takes to do it.

Inventory Management Focused On People

Throughout Ladish Valves' 10+ years of partnering with us at CTIS, they've experienced exponential growth in production, resulting in higher inventory demands. We've matched them step for step, consistently providing full instrument supply, machine maintenance & upkeep, shop organization, and custom tool design & fabrication.

"They took something that they sell, and put a service behind it that is much-needed in this industry."

- Aaron Distefano

  Owner, Ladish Valves, Inc.


"We're in their shops, working with them, seeing the machines they're working with. We're right there with them from day one."

Greg James

CTIS Owner & President

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Find out more about the relational approach CTIS uses to power output for industrial shops across Houston.

Bigger Than Tools

CTIS doesn't provide tools, it provides a toolbox - one filled with knowledge and experience dedicated to helping our partners reach higher output goals in shorter amounts of time with less wasted cost. In the industrial capital of the United States, competition is fierce. Our services give you a major advantage over the rest.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Your shop needs are left to us, from top to bottom. On-hand supply maintained, machines calibrated & serviced, and tools organized to fit your need perfectly.

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