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Decades of Dependable Supply & Support

For years, CTIS has been a staple of the Houston, and now global, manufacturing and fabrication landscape. The demand for a reliable tooling source in one of the biggest industrial regions of the world meant that we needed to hit the ground running and deliver fast, knowledgeable and effective service to our customers. We did just that, and have expanded our support to hundreds of shops and industrial operations. No supply need is too big, no tool out of reach. And if you need insight from seasoned experts in machining and fabrication, we're here to give it.

Industries We Serve

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Oil & Gas









The Order Process

With our supply formula aligned with your operational priorities, you can count on an efficient and thorough tooling workflow.

Order Placed


Contact is made with our sales team, supply needs are defined, the order is placed and sent to our Inside Sales team for confirmation.

Confirmed & Processed

Order confirmed with Inside Sales, built based on equipment availability & cost effectiveness, and sent to Purchasing for procurement.


Equipment Procured 


Tooling is accounted for via warehouse stock or vendor purchase, payment is completed, and order is sent to our Warehouse team for fulfillment.

Order Filled

Necessary supply is gathered and accounted for, prepared for transit, and passed to our Logistics team for delivery to the customer.


Tooling Delivered


Equipment is loaded on our in-house transportation units and delivered to the customer on-site. If possible, same-day deliveries are preferred.

Why Choose Us?


Partner Vs. Vendor

Our goal isn't to sell you any tool we can. It's to support you in getting the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. We spend hours daily researching advancements in tooling technology, making sure we can give you sound recommendations for any given situation. Our job is to be an asset to you and your shop. Our emphasis on tooling expertise makes us just that.


Commitment To Service

We recognize that without tools, the world doesn't spin. Especially in an industrial hub like Houston. Deadlines are non-negotiable to you, and if a machine goes down, you're in a tough spot. It doesn't matter when those emergencies come up, CTIS is going to be there. We're always reachable, and we'll move mountains to make sure you have what you need to get the job done when it needs to be done.

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Customer First

Your priorities are our priorities. We're not looking to make the most money possible off of you. We're dedicated to your success. That informs every decision we make in the supply process, from choice of tooling brand to cost to turnaround time. If your shop is firing on all cylinders and putting out quality work, then we've done our job.


Job Quality Above All

The most important we'll have every single time we work with you is simple - what are you trying to accomplish? The answer to that question is the single greatest priority we have in prescribing your ideal tooling setup. That doesn't always mean the cheapest option, but it does always mean the highest quality one. The end result is always one that pleases both of us.

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