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CNC Machining Supplies


Machine shops are the bread and butter of the industrial & metalwork industries, with thousands of them scattered across the Houston area in different shapes and sizes. Whether providing oil rig & drilling components on a grand scale, or smaller, job-specific projects like trailer joints or gates, your tool supply is crucial in hitting deadlines and maximizing per-job return. We'll help you find the best combination of affordability and quality in your tooling, and enjoy your success as a result right along with you!

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

CNC machining has become standard practice in shops of almost any size. It harnesses the power of automation to achieve high-quality, precise production with metal or plastic. Using programmed tool paths, output is amplified significantly due to a repeatability factor that far surpasses manual machining processes. Common CNC machines found in industrial shops can be:

  • Lathes

  • Mills

  • Laser Cutters

  • Routers

  • Plasma Cutters

  • Drills

  • Grinders

  • Electrode Discharge Machines (EDM)



While CNC machining offers tremendous upside in production and output, certain components of each machine require maintenance and replacement periodically to maintain expected performance and precision. Inserts, bits, blades, nozzles, swirl rings, shields, and electrodes are common parts that require regular replacement from wear. As they depreciate, performance of your state-of-the-art machine goes with it. 

With our endless supply inventory, we can maintain these parts for you, and even calibrate your machines regularly, so you can always expect them to do what you purchased them to do. That's maintenance time off your books for your employees, leaving their sole function in your operation at production.

Auto Crib Vending Machines

Many of our customers find tremendous upside in the use of our Auto Crib vending machines onsite when it comes to consumable supply. The process is simple: we provide our auto crib machine, set it up wherever you need it, and stock it full of the consumable parts you find yourself needing regularly. When a machinist needs one of these parts replaced, they simply select it from the vending machine, replace it, and proceed with their duties. 

Regular visits from our staff keep these machines stocked consistently, and adjustments to available inventory can be made at any time as your shop evolves and changes. As for purchasing, you're simply billed each month for what's been used. Less paperwork, minimal downtime, and zero maintenance headache.


Machine Maintenance & Calibration

As with any machine, periodic maintenance & calibration is always necessary. We also offer these services for you, keeping your machines performing exactly as they should. A partnership with us is exactly that - consistent service that doesn't stop with a purchase. Our CNC machine maintenance provides you the peace of mind of knowing your equipment isn't going to be a headache. And when significant repair needs come up with these machines, we're there to help you get through that as quickly and effectively as possible.

Ladish Valves

Ladish Valves, Inc. has benefitted from our inventory management and CNC maintenance services for years, and the benefit for them speaks for itself. CTIS has truly become a critical extension of their operation, and their productivity is elevated immensely from that connection.

Hear from the owner himself about what makes their partnership with CTIS a valued piece of the puzzle, and the things that truly set our services apart from the rest.

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