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Welding Supplies


At the intersection of the Oil & Gas, Power, Transportation, Aerospace, and other operations, Houston stands as quite the industrial capital of the country. Where there is industry, there is metal - and where there is metal, there are welders. At CTIS, we are proud to support hundreds of welding operations, providing a sole supplier for every possible tooling need they have.

Protective Equipment

Safety is the absolute first priority in for welders in any industry. After all, we're talking about REALLY hot metal and open flames. Through our endless product sources and suppliers, we've got access to a wide range of welding protective equipment to ensure safety and comfort when welding, including leather gloves, leather aprons, gauntlets, welding hoods, safety glasses with side shields, welding goggles, heat-resistant jackets, welding pants, ear muffs, and work boots. All of these products are designed to provide maximum protection, while allowing the flexibility needed to produce a quality weld. Our products meet the highest safety standards and are backed by our guarantee of quality and durability.

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Welding Machines

A welder is only as good as his rig, and it's not always about finding the best one rather than the right one. With limitless access to anything you need for a custom welding setup, we can help you build the perfect rig for your operation. We offer an endless selection of welding machines from any preferred brand to help you with any custom welding setup you may need, with machines built for MIG, Stick, TIG, Plasma Arc, Electron Beam, Laser, Gas, or any other type of welding you're working with.


We've worked with countless manufacturers over the years to design custom welding rigs for shops across Houston and beyond, so we've learned a thing or two about who to trust in the industry. Common brands we use, but are certainly not limited to, are:

  • Miller Electric

  • Lincoln Electric

  • ESAB

  • Hobart

  • Eastwood

  • YesWelder

  • Forney

  • Titanijum

  • Fronius

  • Everlast

  • Vulcan

  • PrimeWeld

  • AHP

  • Lotos

  • Megmeet

Welding Wire

One of the most commonly overlooked pieces of a welding process is the type of wire actually being used. While it seems like such a simple piece of the puzzle, a change that could results in a major improvement in efficiency and quality is often overlooked simply because it's the wire that's always been used. Every bit of our tooling & supply process is concerned with helping you achieve absolute optimal efficiency and production, and welding wire is a great way to address that. 

For example, when choosing a gas-shielded electrode, there are a number of things to consider based on the material you're welding, like surface contaminants on the material itself, travel speed of the weld, mechanical properties of the wire, post-weld operation, and out-of-position welding. The right wire can be the difference between over-performance and failure. We use both local and nationwide welding wire manufacturers to obtain quality wire that fits both the welding operation itself and the desired post-welding operational strength.

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