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A CTIS Valued Customer

Ladish Valves

For years, Ladish Valves, Inc. in Houston has worked with CTIS to maintain their tooling needs and manage shop inventory completely. As a corrosion-resistant valve manufacturer for the oil & gas, transportation and other industries, to say that Ladish Valves is in high demand is a massive understatement. They've seen massive growth over the years, and we've matched them step for step along the way, becoming a staple of their shop floor and creating a relationship that's endured countless industry fluctuations and unique project needs

Services Used

To maintain the quality and output expectations of their shop and employees, Ladish Valves enlisted CTIS to maintain their tooling inventory simply to keep the headache off of the decision makers. They needed to know that their operations would continue at full capacity, regardless of the demands managerial staff encountered. From there, the partnership has grown into a much greater thing, optimizing shop capacity, streamlining accounting paperwork, and becoming a true foundational pillar of the Ladish Valves. Consistent services they enjoy from CTIS are:

  • Tool Purchasing

  • Inventory Management

  • Machine Station Organization

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Machine Calibration

  • Auto Crib Tool Vending Machines

  • Custom Project Consulting

  • 24/7 Priority Service

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Gain the same competitive edge that Ladish Valves has enjoyed with our full service tooling & supply partnership. Contact us now, and get started with our support partnership.

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