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Tool Restoration

Maximize Lifespan
Of Your Tooling

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A brand new tool is not always the best solution for our customers. We know that tools take up a huge part of your expenses, and we are all for minimizing impact on that line of your budget. This has led to a wide network of tooling repair partners, giving our customers access to restoration services when it doesn't compromise performance of the tool. 

Tool Repair

A broken tool doesn't necessarily mean a useless one. The cost of a repair is often times a fraction of the cost of a replacement. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we'll come visit you onsite to pick up the tool or assess the possible repairs needed. We'll build a quote based on the work necessary to complete the repair, and if that cost makes sense for you and your shop, we'll have it knocked out in a matter of weeks with our guarantee that it will perform as close to the quality of a brand new tool as possible.

Bolt being grinded with grinder
Caliper being recalibrated by CTIS

Tool Regrinding

Consumable parts like bits and blades add up. While they don't hit your budget quite like power tools or industrial machines, replacing them time and time again costs more than many realize. Instead, work with our regrinding partners to restore them to factory quality! You'll get your bit or blade back sharpened and recoated.

Tool Recalibration

Measuring instruments like calipers and alignment tools can make or break your shop's performance. Precise measurements are a must to fulfill your guarantees to your customers, and these instruments are key to that. We'll recalibrate your calipers and measuring tools to make sure they're showing correct figures, clean them up, and send you back a tool that look and performs like brand new!

"You get the tool back like new. It's clean, it's shiny, it looks brand new and it works like it's brand new."

Robin Marshall

CTIS Repair, Regrinds & Recalibrations


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