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Inventory Management

Take Control Of Your Inventory

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Streamline Your Inventory Management with CTIS

Houston's Leading Inventory Management Service

Workspace Safety
Reduced Overhead
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Maximum Output
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Maintenance & Calibration
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Inventory That's Efficient & Consistent

CTIS Inventory Management Service is the ultimate solution for manufacturing plants, metalworking shops, welding operations, and other industrial service providers in Houston. We help you maintain tool organization and ensure the safety of your workspace while increasing efficiency in inventory purchasing. As the operation of each shop is unique to their product & process, we identify a custom tool inventory system that fits perfectly to maximize efficiency. Our personalized inventory management impact your business by:

  • Reducing overhead cost through efficient stocking procedures

  • Minimizing paperwork and procurement responsibility through streamlined, automated inventory supply

  • Eliminating downtime of tools and machines with regular, effective maintenance & calibration

  • Improving safety and efficiency of workspaces with thorough organization


Personalized Organization & Stocking Based On Your Performance Needs

Industrial & manufacturing work is enormous in scope, and every shop is uniquely suited to the process at hand - and each is only as good as the tools it uses. When implementing an inventory management system for any customer, we start by understanding the ins and outs of what is being accomplished. With that in mind, we work with them to make sure the process being used is set up to achieve the best possible product in the shortest amount of time. With that in mind, we identify the inventory needs to best suit that process - from the actual machinery being used to the consumables needed to run it. Then, it's a matter of organizing the workspace with a workflow that supports machinists and other employees, minimizing downtime and easing their access to what they need. This setup coupled with our regular maintenance of your machines and upkeep of your on-hand inventory keeps you performing at your very best.

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CTIS sales rep manages client tool cabinet.

Personalized management system designed & maintained specifically to your needs, ensuring you always have what you need while reducing overhead costs.

Manual lathe operating in industrial shop.

Our tooling specialists provide consistent maintenance for your machines, allowing your shop to achieve maximum output with the best possible quality every time.

CTIS tool vending machine stocked.

With pre-stocked vending machines in your shop, necessary consumables are always available on-hand, and purchasing paperwork is minimized.


Visits from a dedicated sales representative that you can count on regularly provide direct support from week to week, and to navigate emergency situations.

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