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Industrial Tooling & Supply

Everything Tool You Need At Your Fingertips

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Top Tooling Provider In Houston & Beyond

Tooling and supply is an integral part of any industrial operation. The ideal product is a perfect balance of superior quality and minimal production time, resulting in maximum return for your operation. The tools used are the linchpin in that equation. 

With CTIS, that balance is struck ever single time. We do the legwork, put in the research, keep up with what's possible in the tooling world, and deliver those possibilities directly to you any time you need them. With decades of experience in the industrial space, endless avenues to obtain the right tools, and a lack of satisfaction in a job being "good enough," your shop will achieve optimal results day in and day out.

"You tell us what you need, we'll make sure you get it. That's the bottom line."

Chuck Ewing

CTIS Sales Representative


Huge Network of Suppliers, Tools For Any Industry

No matter what industry you're in, we've got you covered. Our extensive network of tool suppliers enables us to offer you an unmatched selection of products at competitive prices. There is absolutely nothing outside of our reach, and trust us - we've seen requests for some crazy things! Plus, our efficient delivery team ensures that your tools are delivered promptly so that you can stay productive. All of this enables us to serve customers in any industry you can think of, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Oil & gas pipeline manufacturing

  • Automotive & mechanical service

  • Hydraulic maintenance & repair

  • Oil rig construction

  • Production line facilities

  • Rubber production

  • Water supply & infrastructure

  • Job shops & independent machining


Brands We Trust

Unlimited Access To Our Team

Every account with CTIS unlocks the full potential of our tooling & supply team. When we say we put your first, that stays consistent throughout every single department in our organization. As a CTIS customer, you can count on dedicated from the following, every single day.

Outside Sales Team

Our boots on the ground, the Outside Sales Team dedicate all day, every day to physically serving our customers. Regular visits, onsite maintenance work, inventory assistance, emergency deliveries, and everything in between. Our outside sales reps are in your shops, providing unrivaled service right in the middle of it.

Inside Sales Team

No matter what you're working on, our Inside Sales Team is a phone call away. They work daily to find what our customers are looking for, at the best possible price point, and usher those orders from placement to delivery. They serve as the glue that holds together each phase an order's lifespan, and they can't wait to take your call.

Delivery Team

It's hard to imagine a group of people more important to meeting your needs than our Drivers. They're responsible for getting your order from us to you, as fast or faster than you need it. Whether it's a typical order of consumables, or an emergency, same-day rush, they'll get it to you well before the buzzer.

Purchasing Team

There are countless ways to purchase tools, and even more places to get them from. In Purchasing, they're goal is to balance cost-effectiveness with timely receiving. After an order is placed, they jump through the hoops to get each order from our huge network of suppliers while keeping our commitment to your budget.

Warehouse Team

There are plenty of supplies that are in daily demand, and our warehouse is set up to keep those in stock constantly. Our Warehouse Team maintains that inventory, and prepares each order for delivery to our customers from what's on our shelves, and what is shipped in on a daily basis. 

Accounting Team

With all the in-house accounting tasks you have to manage for yourself, we're not looking to be another one. Our Accounting Team gives you dedicated assistance in keeping your account with us current, maintaining minimal purchasing paperwork, and helping you with flexible financing options when they're available.

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