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Fast Tool Order Delivery

Get Your Tool Orders
As Fast As Possible

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"Our customers depend on us. If they give us a time that they need it, we're gonna go above and beyond to make sure that happens."

Heather Maness

CTIS Inside Sales Manager


Tool Deliveries Made Fast, Same Day If Possible

In the industrial world, every second is money. The value of your product often comes down to how quickly you can produce it. To support that reality, CTIS offers the fastest tool delivery service in Houston. Our network of drivers works hand in hand with our in-house staff to track rush orders so that we have a truck ready to go when you call - during and after business hours. We'll make sure that your supplies is procured and delivered well within your deadline constraints, even if that happens in the middle of the night. From carbide tools and consumables, to heavy machinery and tool replacements, CTIS is set up to deliver for you at a moment's notice. Take advantage of our in-house delivery and start ordering your supplies from the most trusted brand in Houston. 


Just because you ran into a break doesn't mean the tool is done. Maximize the lifespan of your tools with our repair and regrind services, where we can take your equipment and restore it to get even more shavings on the floor. 

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