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Personal Tooling Sales Visits

Count On Our Visits Every Time

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"It's the relationship. They know that every week, when I say I'm gonna be there, I'll be there."

Anthony Polasek

CTIS Sales Representative


Never Miss A Deadline

There are a lot of factors in completing a job on time, and a huge one is having the right tools on hand. With our regular visits, you can count on efficient order fulfillment and rid yourself of accounting for the supplies needed to keep things rolling. No stone is unturned, no tool left forgotten until you need it most.

Instant Order Placement

Our sales reps don't leave your facility without placing the order with our team, so when you see them pull out, you know your tools are on the way. Our streamlined fulfillment process between our office staff wastes no time in getting your equipment to you.


Work With People That Know Your Shop

Building a relationship with CTIS in Houston means boots on the ground on your shop floor, where we spend hours in the middle of your operation learning from you and your staff. Every shop is different, and a different workflow means different tooling needs. Our visits elevate our tooling service above a voice on the phone - we know how to structure your supplies because we know how you work. This cuts down on time it takes to place an order, eliminates unnecessary mistakes, and creates an efficient supply pipeline.

Emergency Service Anytime

Our customers don't get an office line to call when they have a dedicated sales representative from CTIS in Houston. They get direct cell phone numbers, which can be used at any time for the same dedicated service. That means, nights, weekends, and more. When you're operation is running, we're available. And if you need a tool now, we'll make sure you get it.


Hear From Our Customers

Don't just take our word for it. Welding Outlets, Inc, in Houston, TX has taken advantage of our tooling and industrial supply service for years, getting everything from carbide cutting inserts to large CNC machining equipment from our network of suppliers whenever they need it. Hear how they rely on CTIS to answer the call every single time, and move mountains to make that tool order delivery as soon as possible.

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