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Tool Vending & Automation

Vending machines placed onsite and managed by CTIS provide access to consumables and common tool replacements, streamlining the purchasing process and eliminating downtime due to restocking.

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Nothing slows down your operations and limits output more than waiting on tool replenishment and restocking. AutoCrib, a Snap-On brand, helps us solve this problem by having these common tools available when you need them.

Autocrib vending machine stocked with tools.

Tools and consumables, such as carbide inserts, end mills, taps, and bits are stocked regularly in designated bays. When a tool is needed, your employees simply select the item using the interface on the machine, it is dispensed for use. The items stocked in the vending machine are selected based on your communication with our Sales Team, ensuring that you have the exact tools necessary for your operation.

Rather than requiring your purchasing team to keep up with activity on the vending machine, let the vending machine handle it for you. It will keep track of equipment used, and on a designated basis, create a purchase order for what tools have been consumed. If a product stock gets low, the machine will even order stock from us automatically. This provides a streamlined procurement that cuts down on accounting labor time and ensures your employees never find themselves without the tools they need to get the job done.

Like any software, the AutoCrib vending machine needs regular patches and updates to its operating system, as well as repairs from time to time. We'll handle that for you so you don't ever have to worry about anything more than getting what you need when you need it. 

Efficiency is critical in maximizing the return on your machining. Through detailed product tracking, AutoCrib vending machines can help you monitor exactly what you're using and identify areas where you may have been overspending or keeping too much of a given tool in your inventory. 

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If you're looking to cut down on overhead and maximize efficiency of your shop, give us a call and ask about our AutoCrib machines. We'll fill you in on the process, and get the process started to get your own machine installed onsite.

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