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Vendor Managed Inventory

Focus On The Job. We'll Do The Rest.

Our tooling inventory management service aims to take the burden of staying on top of your shop supplies off of you, so all you and your machinists have to worry about is getting the job done. Through regular visits from our representatives, often weekly or more, we keep everything you have in your shop topped of, organized efficiently, and achieving peak performance. As we do this, your employees know where everything is consistently, have as much supplies as they need, and have easy access to us to be able to make adjustments or ask for higher quantities of a certain tool, or a new tool entirely.

Routine Sales Visits

We've got decades upon decades of sales & service experience on our staff, each team member with one priority in mind: you. Their daily schedule consists of traveling onsite to visit our customers, check up on supply needs, and provide valuable insight into projects being accomplished - and they don't miss. Our customers have come to expect their visits as a given, and often plan their operations considering our representatives availability on hand.


These visits speak the very root of our approach to our tooling & supply partnership, where our customers get what they need when they need it. These visits give us the ability to not only keep your shop stocked, but to anticipate your needs, oftentimes before they arrive. This allows your shop to be prepared for issues that may come up, and tackle them with ease because the tooling you need to do so is already there. It also gives us the opportunity to help you enhance your productivity because we are consistently interfacing with you and your staff, getting to know what is expected of them, and consulting with them on the most efficient & effective ways to accomplish their given tasks.

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Supply Through Automation

Two tool vending machines in industrial shop.

Any shop is going to have consumables such as inserts, bits and blades. These parts are used heavily and need replacing frequently depending on the production rate and specifics of the job. That can lead to a huge headache of keeping up with that supply, submitting purchase orders, and delivering them to the machinist, only to have to repeat the process in a short time after they've used their supply again. 

Our Auto Crib vending machines have become a favorite for many of our customers to solve this exact problem in the shop. The machine is provided by us here at CTIS, and is stocked with consumables based on your personalized needs and usage.

When an employee needs an item replaced, they simply go their Auto Crib machine, select their part, install it, and continue with the job. It's common tooling needs on hand and ready to perform. We keep them regularly stocked each time we visit, and can adjust what's available in these machines as your operations develop and shift. 

Arguably the biggest problem these vending machines solve is streamlining the purchase process. Instead of submitting purchase orders every time you need a certain consumable replenished, you simply have to deal with one that accounts for all usage of items in the machine within a particular time period. Essential tools always available, a fraction of the paperwork, and optimal lead times. In today's industrial landscape, the automation provided with our Auto Crib machines is a no-brainer.

Instant Cost Savings

The tangible impact of our Auto Crib machines is felt almost immediately. You can enjoy a much tighter grip on your inventory, only getting billed for what you use and eliminating excess materials. We keep them stocked based on the tools and consumables you need, and as they're used, you purchase them. This almost always results in a reduction of overall inventory. That's a direct positive impact on your bottom line that we're happy to facilitate.

Tool Shop Organization

Machine shops consist of a ton of tools, large and small, and different people approach organization differently. When that responsibility is left to each individual employee in your shop, it can lead to disorganization and difficulty in onboarding new staff. Our inventory management service tackles this, as well!


Our routine visits don't just consist of taking orders and checking stock. We'll provide full organization for your staff that achieves the most efficient performance from your operation, and maintain it regularly. That means stock top-off, physical organization, and even regular maintenance and calibration of the machines you have. This creates a seamless work environment that enables you employees to step into their role with fluidity and ease. It also slashes the lost labor time it takes an employee to locate what they're looking for. What they need is where it always is - not because it's just always there, but because it's a part of a greater tool inventory system built to maximize output and availability.

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